Saturday, September 11, 2010


The materials contain many surprises that even I never knew till I read these. There are some controversial and contradictory news and reports as well. It will be the duty of the researchers to untie the knots and let people of India know the hitherto blacked out chapters of Indian Freedom Struggle in greater detail after ironing out those confusions .

There are some startling revelations like Soviet Russia preferred Nehru to Bose; Subhas was alive for UK in 1946;CIA tracks Subhas Bose till 1964;Emilie knew Subhas was alive'; and a few on Bhawanji mystery.

1. Affidavit - Dr Purabi Roy

2. KGB files reveal Subhas' presence in USSR

3. Sayadyants report of the political situation in India

4. Soviet Russia preferred Nehru to Bose

5. US sleuths tailed Bose till Russia'

6. Eyewitness to Bose's death

7. Subha'46 s alive for UK in

8. Transfer of Power ( 1942-47)

9. Letter from British Intelligence Bureau

10. CIA tracks Subhas Bose till 1964

11. The secret files of the Shah Nawaz Committee

12. I saw Bose in Quetta'

13. Warsaw Pact General digs out truth on Bose

14. Emilie knew Subhas was alive'

15. Bhagwanji said: "I am Subhas"

16. UP hermit given secret funeral

17. Bose's brother, aides among Bhagwanji's informants

18. Bhagwanji debunked crash theory

19. Hermit insisted on security drill

20. Col. Lakshmi's volte-face

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