Saturday, September 11, 2010

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose - disappearance Part III

This series deals with Bhavanji who some known acquintances of Netaji knew from the core of the heart as Netaji. On the death of Bhawanji, on a petition, UP court has ordered to keep under special custody all the belongings of Bhawanji

There are reports that till her death, Netaji's German spouse firmly believed that the ash at ramoji temple was not of Netaji whereas Govt of India made discreet valiant efforts through as recent as in 2008 to persuade her to sign declaring Netaji death as reported in some newspapers whose link will appear in future postings.

Here please find a few of the free Weblink and helpful to further research on one of the nation's precious jewels of freedom movement on

1. PMO refuses to furnish data on Netaji
2. Taiwan rejects Bose crash theory

3. Netaji's death: Amartya Sen goes by Anita Pfaff's view
4. 'I saw Subhash Chandra Bose's burnt body'
5. 'Govt has destroyed evidence about Netaji's death'
6. Bhagwanji
7. Bhagwanji's belongings
8. Bhagwanji, Netaji birthday on January 23
9. Bhagwanji said: "I am Subhas"
10. Special Article on Netaji
11. 'UP monk was Bose in hiding'
12. Ayodhya sadhu’s writing matches Netaji’s
13. Expert says writings match
14. Govt fears disclosures

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