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How Lok Sabha (Parliament) of people's representatives discuss and honour one of founding rocks of nation building - Netaji

XI LOK SABHA DEBATES,   Session III (Winter) 
Friday, December 20, 1996 / Agrahayana  29, 1918 (Saka)

XI LOK SABHA DEBATES,   Session III (Winter) 
Friday, December 20, 1996 / Agrahayana  29, 1918 (Saka)



Title: Decision to celebrate the Birth        Centenary of Netaji Subhas Chandra 

MR. SPEAKER: Before we take up the Calling Attention, the Prime  Minister  has
to make a statement. He has got some appointment.

THE  PRIME  MINISTER  (SHRI  H.D.  DEVE  GOWDA):  Hon. Speaker, Sir, recently,
concern has been expressed  in  this  House  as  well  as  outside  about  the
celebration of birth centenary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

        Let  me  first of all dispel all doubts in this regard. The Government
of India had set up, as far back as in November, 1995,  a  National  Committee
under  the Chairmanship of the Prime Minister to celebrate the birth centenary
of Netaji in a befitting manner.

        The  National Committee met on 5th December, 1995 and decided that the
celebrations would commence on 23rd January, 1997 and continue  for  one  year
thereafter.  The  National  Committee had also constituted a Sub-Committee and
had entrusted to it the task of preparing an action plan for the celebrations.
This Sub-Committee met on 25th October, 1996 and formulated programmes for the
inaugural function on 23rd January, 1997 as well as during the centenary year.
I also met the Floor Leaders of both the Houses of Parliament on 9th December,
1996 to discuss the manner in  which  we  should  celebrate  this  event.  The
Sub-Committee  is giving a final shape to the programmes and activities of the
centenary year in the light of the suggestions received.

        I would like to inform the hon. Members that the Government  shall  do
its  utmost to make the birth centenary celebrations of Netaji, in cooperation
with the people of India, a memorable event of our national life befitting the
great and momentous contribution made  by  Netaji  to  our  freedom  struggle.
Netaji enjoys great respect and affection amongst the people of India from all
parts and the celebration would be designed to reflect this in full measure.

        There is a suggestion that 23rd January should be  declared  Rashtriya
Sewa  Divas (National Service Day) or Rashtriya Shourya Divas (National Day of
Courage) on the pattern of Children's Day (14th November)  and  Teachers'  Day
(5th  September). We shall welcome more suggestions in this regard so that the
birth day of Netaji is commemorated by posterity in a befitting manner.

        It  is  proposed  to  declare  23rd  January,  1997,  the  day  of the
commencement of the centenary celebrations, an administrative holiday  and  to
have an inaugural function on that day at the Red Fort.  A commemorative stamp
on Netaji will also be released in that function.

        During the centenary year, commemorative coins in the memory of Netaji
will  be issued; a biographical film will be released; and a biography will be
published and circulated. Government of India will also give financial support
for bringing out the Collected Works of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

        The  Government  also plans to have a suitable memorial for Netaji and
the INA. The memorial of Netaji can be in Cuttack, where he was  born  or  any
other  suitable  place.  The  INA  memorial  can be at Moirang in Manipur. the
Swatantrata Sangram Sangrahalaya and Swatantrata Senani Smarak set up  in  the
Red Fort - Salimgarh Fort Complex will be strengthened.

        To  ensure  that  the  birth  centenary  is  celebrated throughout the
country, Chief Ministers of all the States and  Union  Territories  have  been
requested  to  plan and organise suitable programmes and activities. Seminars,
debates, quiz and painting competitions  will  be  organised  in  schools  and
colleges throughtout the country.

        Also,  since  the birth centenary celebration would eventually overlap
with the 50th anniversary of India's Independence, an effort would be made  to
integrate them in an enriching manner.

        I  am confident that the cooperation of all the Members of this august
House shall be forthcoming in full measure in our endeavour to celebrate  this
birth centenary in a befitting manner.

        Thank you.


                       ... (Interruptions)

SHRI BASU DEB ACHARIA (BANKURA): Is 23rd January being declared as a  National
Holiday? ... (Interruptions)

SHRI DEVE GOWDA: 23rd January is declared as a National Holiday for 1997 only.

SHRI BASU DEB ACHARIA (BANKURA): Only for 1997. It is not being declared as  a
National holiday. ... (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: The Prime Minister also has stated that you have any  suggestion,
it is welcome. You can give more suggestions.

                       ... (Interruptions)

SHRI P. UPENDRA (VIJAYAWADA): A war memorial in Manipur in Imphal is in a very
bad  shape.(Interruptions)  The  Prime  Minister  should  take  note  of   it.


                       ... (Interruptions)

SHRI TARIT BARAN TOPDAR (BARRACKPORE): On the occasion of the birth centenary
of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, I will request the Government to release
whatever documents are available with the Defence Ministry regarding the INA.
That is very much pertinent and that will dispel many of the confusions that
are going on. ... (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: The Statement says that you can give suggestions, more

                       ... (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: No. I do not think that we can finish our business like this.                 
 ... (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: Shri Nitish Bharadwaj.

                       ... (Interruptions)

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