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23 January 2011
Birthday celebration The nation is celebrating 114th birth anniversary of Subhas Chandra Bose. The advertisement by Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has appeared in most leading newspapers with punch line- " JAI HIND". It carries large black & white portrait of Netaji with his quote on communal peace and harmony. The front page of Statesman carries an ad by Government of West Bengal with punch line-" 23rd January Today is Desh Prem Diwas". It carries a quote of Netaji, but in Bengali.  However only a few newspapers (of 35 newspapers scanned today) have bothered to carry any exclusive feature on this occasion, led by a regional newspaper from Jind- Jagat Kranti and new kid on the block- Aaj Samaj from Delhi. However, onlyRashtriya Sahara has raised that mystery of disappearance of Netaji which has been lost in files. Even Right to Info rmation is not yielding any results.The cartoon in Dainik Jagran features a poor man paying respect to photograph of Netaji Subhas Chandra and is telling-" If you could see my freedom...Jai Hind". The last line reveals what main street experiencing every day-" corruption, robbery..,murder,kidnapping,inflation,starvation".

26 May 2011
 It seems every year, only few days are reserved to pay symbolic homage to those who fought for our freedom?  Yeah, a few freedom fighters in a news assignment make a good clip! But beyond this ..A small news item on front page of Dainik Jagran informs that 92 year old Pyara Singh, former body guard of Subhas Chandra Bose is fighting a lone battle. And this battle is not against any external enemy, but our very own Indian administration for a well deserving pension.  Though he received a prestigious commendation certificate from Prime Minister in 1972 but till date he has not received any pension.  Writing thousands of letters to State & Central government have gone in vain. During this struggle, his family paid a hefty price.  You know where to find & help him- Chiniwala Kurda in Barnala district, Punjab. A friend of SARCAJC points this is not the first time this kind of gross treatment has been doled out to soldiers & their families associated with INA. In 2008, Punjab & Haryana High court restored pension of solider of INA after 30 years. The bench noted Surjan Singh survived in the fight of freedom movement, but expired while fighting the legal battle. Further the judges added-= “..This case presents a gloomy picture of our bureaucracy and their courage to fight the freedom fighers..It reveals completely disregard to the sacrifices made by Surjan Singh...”. Last year Mail Day featured three forgotten heroes from India’s first army (INA), who by choice, are now living in Singapore. They did not mince words about the neglect from a “corrupt truncated” motherland.  A friend of SARCAJC points this should not come as a surprise as this kind of treatment is reserved for the Indian main street (read common man without push & pulls) too. Life is on fast track, who has time for history and all that? Of the 31 newspapers scanned, only Dainik Jagran carried it

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