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Netaji - Ten Truth seeking Questions to the present dysfunctional Government of India

Netaji on a voyage during WWII

The saga of Netaji continues - his biography is read by millions Indian households as a part of children's awakening of patriotism. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose - His Majesty's Opponent- the Indian Freedom Fighter who fought the colonial rules tooth and nail, Gandhiji's Patriot of patriots. Netaji's life's abrupt end shrouded with dubious plane crash and Govt of India's setting up of three Enquiry Commissions still not able to resolve the mystery. Rather, the Truth seekers and researchers on Netaji are increasingly getting a sixth sense feeling that a distinct quarter in the corridor of central power since the Nehru days are desperate to hide certain very serious facts from the people of this country.
The feeling and belief that has grown stronger with each passing year since 1945 is that World War Allied forces’ governments and the Government of India( even after change of guards) has continued to act and behave consistently in a surprised uniformity of attitude despite the change of guard at the centre – a government of the own people has behaved so strangely over the years and left a lot of foot prints to make a man of common intelligence wonder – what has gone wrong with these rulers at the central corridor of power ?

Why people of India has to take selective pain-staking individual pursuits in foreign archives of Russia, seek information through a legal process in American  secret files, and the Government of India snores and look the other way!

What has gone wrong with these rulers at the central corridor of power? While the Supreme Court Judge appointed by NDA though only on the basis of one High Court directive and the judge concludes with painstaking facts that Netaji never did die in an air crash. And as people see, this ruling class of UPA whose central party is Indian national Congress, has again played the bad man through the rule of law. All the loop holes of law UPA would exploit to ensure that Netaji era is blacked out and no new facts are established. As law says, report of no Commission is binding but is of advisory capacity. So, what has gone wrong with these rulers at the central corridor of power? Noting has gone wrong. They have stuck to their party’s dictates as kept and carried through lips since Nehru.
This is the saddest part of Indian modern history of political science. People and the government are poles apart – Government has been trying to hoodwink the people. But in a era of  blogs, net and border less societies, news and information spread so fast and truth are conveyed in a matter of click and this blog - net -email is now the crusader not only against the anti-people government but against the media of PAID NEWS.

I was surprised and happy to see the warmth of love and the desire in the people’s heart across all corners of India to give a proper burial of doubt about the Netaji saga – its last question mark “1897 - ? “

Now contrast this to a large media ruled and reigned by the corrupt political class – without naming them, I can assure that the first seeds of divide in a country are sown by the media – they would explain each issue related to Netaji with a prefix adjective “Bengali” and the infection spreads. When two doyens of India died in quick succession this year leaving behind lacs of  fans and admirers across India and world in a spell of shock, the media reported the first breaking news story as ….”Assaam’s Bhupen Hazarika  

What has gone wrong with these rulers and their acting hands of power – some visible some invisible? I have a small ten point list. I, as a citizen of India, needs the answer from the current ruling power – the same power that have had scuttled each and every effort of Netaji and his legend Azad Hind Fauji  from living a life of respect and recognition.

My Ten Questions to Government of India on the auspicious occasion of Netaji’s birth anniversary falling on 23rd January
1.      What happened with the INA Treasures and its declassified contents during Nehru era?
2.      Why Nehru felt the need to inform British Premier Atlee about Netaji’s presence in Russia – under what understanding and agreement, Govt of India informed?
3.      Why Pranab Mukherji, Central Minister of UPA-I had visited Netaji’s wife abroad in 2008 asking her to accept the ashes of Netaji kept at Ramoji Temple, Japan while now it is confirmed to Government as per Justice Mukerjee Commission report and other foreign declassified reports and reports, reflections of various witnesses and a few path breaking research abroad that the ashes at ramoji temple was not of Netaji and was fake, Will Government of India make official announcement rectifying its record on the basis of truth revealed and show its respect and honour to son of the soil ?
4.      Why Nehru’s and Government of India’s relation suddenly climaxed from 1953 onwards after change of guards in Russia. Was there a secret swap deal with Krushchev involving Netaji, since Russian archive records hints about Netaji alive in Russia in 1953.
5.      The first commission formed by Govt of India to quell people’s unrelenting demand inside parliament and outside led to Nehru announcing a Commission of Enquiry. Why this report was accepted by GoI despite the report was not signed by one of the commission member who did not agree to the content of the report. Why a report was accepted without visit and enquiry to the crash site by commission members? The excuse of not having diplomatic contact with Taiwan, how long the GoI would continue to site the same argument as now, when a new commission has visited and cross examined the witnesses, the skeletons of lie has fallen from the cupboard. Will GoI consider findings of all the three commissions together and make its stand clear before people of this country whose emotions and anxieties they are deemed to represent?
6.       On a plain reading of all the commissions efforts, why it gives a crystal clear signal that those sitting in central government did not offer the fullest cooperation and at many critical junctures created obstacles for further evidence gathering
7.      Why Russian Research Scholar Purabi Roy who went on her own and accessed Russian archives and Russian connections and was able to open up some ground breaking clues had to return empty handed with sudden cold stand of Russian government to part with the documents – was it at the behest of Government of India,  as is believed in the wide circle of truth seekers?
8.      Why Government of India has consistently played the spoil sport as far as collecting the memorial items for the golden trails of INA, just to site a few –  the recent harassment of a INA fauj waiting to  handover two revolvers used by Netaji in Singapore
9.       While INA soldiers were court marshalled at Red Fort in 1946 and INC non-violent followers including Nehru  fought and ensured for their unconditional release, but there are continued harassment of INA members for support in rehabilitation, in getting pension, in getting recognition and in getting admitted into armed forces of free India – why this discrimination and apathy against INA soldiers ?  
10. , While a group of Netaji truth seekers including Anuj Dhar, ex-journalist of reputed news media filed a request to CIC under RTI and wanted to bring all classified files and records related to Netaji  be declassified and brought to the knowledge of people of this country, why GoI refused to deliver on the pretext that disclosure would lead to riots in some states – an utter lie. When would the GoI come out clean on classified documents?

We , the truth seekers would wait for ages  till we reach to the black  hole that sucking  the light off all facts and figures and events related to one of the untainted purest of the pure soul Indians are proud of - the patriot of patriot, as Gandhiji called him and Deshnayak  as Tagore gave him the ornamental title.  

Some may ask, what the hake of it, to do spends people's many to just find a dead corpse's expiry date. The other day I found a sad image hosted by a careerist professional - the images of Netaji, Bhagat Singh, Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Kirti Azad;
and asking his friends Who are they?
Another Indian pro gave a painfully lewd comment - all wud luv Shivaji be born in neighbour's home.
The third fb friend joined - my children wud know only about SRK, Katrina, Karena or Salman!

This above live discussion is just indicative of the decay and rot set into the educated class of  Indian society. They have become greedy, hedonist and expert in palm greasing. Sacrifice for nation is a foreign word of unknown variety.The political and social agents who governed for sixty five years and shaped the society cannot now shirk responsibility by pointing fingers at other short lived governments. But my worry is, a country who teaches its children wrong history and fail to honour its freedom fighter getting the rightful place in history, is going to doom. A nation that do not honour its heroes dies.That is inevitable unless the people make a course correction through ballot.Indian people's dilemma  is to remove a thief and replace with a superior and more cruel and more religiously fanatic thief? But let the alarm bells ring!! Jai Hind!

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