Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Charter of Declassification of Classified Netaji Documents and other demands 

Charter of Declassification of Classified Netaji Documents and other demands 
1. GoI make a declaration before people of India, specifying categorically which of the classified documents are missing.
2. GOI disclose what enquiry it has conducted to fix the responsibility for missing/destruction of "nationally sensitive" documents. If it has conducted, full factual details be made public. If it has not conducted any enquiry, the reason behind not conducting the same . And will the GoI conduct an enquiry now and find out the culprits as GoI has termed these documents as "nationally sensitive" and that's why it was made into "classified".
3.As the government admit that the papers are missing, what steps GoI has taken till now to reconstruct those documents with sincere effort to compile from foreign countires where a copy of some of those will be available
4. All countries have fixed tenure policies after which it declassify all documents related to that period. Britain ,as reliably learnt, will declassify all documets related to Netaji in 2021. And since there are lots of misinformation and disinformation related to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in public and private domain of citizens of India, and has already created a lot of public discontent against the transparency of GoI, why not GoI declassfy all and end the wave of rumours surrounding Netaji, that would be good for the health of the nation and a true perspective to assess Netaji( the patriot of patriot) would arise
5.Other than declassify, there is mystery surrounding marriage of Netaji , which can be solved through the DNA process as the most conclusive evidence. Why the GoI take the special initiative to resolve the issue.
6. Misappropriation of INA treasure - there are allegation of misappropriation of people's contribution that was with INA and subsequently GoI had taken steps to recover but allegation of misappropriation of INA family contributions , are still now not investigated and rumour is some senior politicians and bureaucracy of GoI had got benefits out of it.
7. GoI has adopted Jai Hind slogan of Netaji as GoI slogan in official speech However, the INA soldiers who were 43000 at its peak when took to the field against the Britishers, but how many of them were killed while fighting Britishers, how many were executed by the Britihsers and how many INA members survived and lived in India after Independence - no sincere stock taking of the soldiers has ever been done.New public demand is slowly picking up support in this direction. A Demand is made to create a War memorial of all the Indian soldiers who participitaed in WWI and WWII and for the INA at New Delhi and honour those dead soldiers and respect their families.

please circulate and share as the only way to take these demands to the deaf ears of GoI.

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