Sunday, January 20, 2013

NETAJI CHAKRANTA--mukh o mukhos

NETAJI CHAKRANTA--mukh o mukhos - Published on 17 Jan 2013
Dr Madhusudan Pal . What It says ? The Govt of India suddenly wake up this 23rd January 2013 and plan to bring the disputed Netaji ashes from Renoki Temple and hand it over to a trust run by ex-Congress Netaji family members named Netaji Research Bueaue Kolkata (disputed group as to loyalty to Netaji's fact finding) and the GoI is doing this in breach of Court order (permission for bringing ash pending in Kolkata High Court as GoI failed to subtantiate that Netaji died in air crash at Taiwan). Govt plan to legitemise the death and for that two other actors appear on the screen ( Mr Pranab Mukherjee, and Anita Brigete Pauf(the disputed claimant as NEtaji daughter)- they would do the process of hoodwinking the public and legitimise the death and legitamising Anita Pauf as daughter. Further, the thrid charchers the twin Krishna Bose-Saugata Bose owning the Research Bureaue and have huge financial interest in the trust want also to announce the release of a book written by one of them that legitimise and surprisingly propagate Netaji air crash story. And the priest of the occasion is the ex-key trouble shooter of Congress Pranab Mukherjee. And he would relese the book for a public figure Netaji but to avoid protest from public, the program attendance is announced as "By Intivation Only". Please read Ex-Journalist Anuj Dhar's path breaking research book on Netaji - " India's Biggest Cover Up" for answers.

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