Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Netaji re-evaluated by BBC Channel II on 13.8.1995

"There were orders from Pandit Nehru & sardar Patel not to display any picture of Netaji in Govt. and in the defence establishments and All India Radio shd never utter the name of Subhas in their broadcasts. We Indians accepted these and kept silent. But now, the erstwhile British Imperialists have changed their earlier attitude towards Subhas and are re-writing their previous "TRAITOR" image to a "NOBLE SELFLESS FIGHTR AGAINST IMPERIALISM" and paying respects towards him. B.B.C. have made a documentary on Netaji's life, where they have answered this question for carrying out a "PRAYASCHCHITTA" (Atonement) for all the lies spread earlier by BBC about him. It was broadcast on 13.08.1995 a different favourable image of Netaji, in their London Channel II"
I have found above from a book. Could some Indian now in England access the afore-mentioned BBC's recorded transcript and circulate same among us? We shall remain ever grateful to him
Ref Source: Netaji Truth Seeker Abhijit Sengupta, Kolkata

Further BBC Hindi is airing a new series : Is Gumnami Baba Netaji?

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