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World War Secret Codes - USA National Archive

Office of Strategic Services (OSS)
Terms, Names, Organizational Abbreviations, and Code Words in OSS Records
Some interesting or relevant WW2 codes exchnaged across the global war front are here in the format -
Code word: Used for whom or for what

Abwehr:  German military intelligence
BIA : Burma Independence Army
Birch : OSS agent that penetrated Germany through Scandinavia in 1945
BNA: Burmese National Army
Boston: Series Intelligence reports based on George Wood/Kappa information
BPF: Burma Patriotic Front
Broadway: British Intelligence (MI6 Headquarters)
Cassia: Anti-Nazi underground group in Vienna, Austria
CBI: China-Burma-India Theater of Operations
Cousins: The British
Crossword: British designation for Operation Sunrise
Crown Jewels: Germans deemed to be important for postwar purposes

Drum :Presumably an OSS staff member at Bern, Switzerland and point of  contact  for “Drum” messages early in the war

Fat Boy: German Reichsmschall Hermann Goering
Flash: Allen Dulles evening radiotelephone transmission
Flute: Professor Paul Scherrer
Force 136 :British SOE in the Far East

Forking : Code name for a German Jew residing in Ascona, Switzerland that was a
source for Allied intelligence

Friends: British
FTP: Communist-controlled French resistance groups
G-2: US Army Intelligence

George : Project  Established June 6, 1942 for the purpose of securing from sources abroad  secret information. George Project located in New York City under the
cover of the Western Continents Corporation.

Grand : German Foreign Ministry or German Government in Berlin (in Kappa

Gray : A Kappa indicator signifying Finland
Green:  A Kappa indicator signifying Italy
Gregory: OSS chief in Lisbon, Portugal
Grimm: Germany

Harvard Plan:  A German-language propaganda periodical produced in Washington and  distributed by OSS Stockholm

HIHI :A Trans-Pyrenees Chain of agents operated by OSS Spain
HOHO: A Trans-Pyrenees Chain of agents operated by OSS Spain
IB or IBT : India Burma Theater of Operations [beginning 1944]
INA : Indian National Army
JA : Jewish Agency for Palestine
Jack and Jill: A German opposition group associated with Breakers

J-E : (Joan Eleanor) Two-way communications device which enabled an agent on the ground  to talk directly with an appropriately equipped OSS representative flying  in a plane above him

J-E Operations OSS Missions beginning in November 1944 using J-E

Jennings, Charles B: Fictitious name of Washington recipient of Dulles evening radiotelephone  transmissions

Jonny :A left-wing resistance movement in Vienna, Austria

Kappa: Indicator for messages containing information and documents obtained
from the German Foreign Ministry by Fritz Kolbe (code named George  Wood)

KMT :Koumintang, Chinese nationalist party
Latte :A Kappa indicator for Budapest, Hungary
Lavender: A Kappa indicator for China
MID: Military Intelligence Division, US Army
MI5: British Counter Intelligence
Nabors: The Germans (“neighbors” to the Swiss)
Operation Sunrise: Negotiations for the German surrender in Italy
Orange: A Kappa indicator signifying Bulgaria
ORI :Italian resistance
Orion : Ion Antonescu, Romanian leader 1940-1944
Ostrich: Operation OSS operational plans for reconnaissance trip to Manchuria
OVRA: Italian secret police
Paradise: Name for certain Kappa cables involving the penetration of Germany
Phillips, Carr: Cover name for an Italian opposition figure

Roberts Commission: The American Commission for the Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historical Monuments in War Areas

Rote: Kapelle Red Orchestra, a Soviet spy network
SA: German stormtroopers

SAARF: Special Allied Airborne Reconnaissance Force, activated by SHAEF on
March 29, 1945, to send team to various POW camps in enemy territory

SAFEHAVEN : Project to trace the movement of German funds and physical wealth to hideouts in European countries and to other continents

Saint :OSS indicator for messages containing security and counter-intelligence

SF :Special Funds, OSS organization that provided finances for maintenance
of agent cover

SIPO: German Security Police
SIS: Secret Intelligence Service, British MI6

“The Spider” :Man of Morrish extraction who passed mail to Lisbon, Portugal for OSS  Bern, Switzerland

Spinister: Code name for an important source on France in Geneva, Switzerland
Spirit: Geneva, Switzerland
Stallion: OSS Agent in Lebanon and Syria
Squirrel :OSS Agent in Syria

T-Forces :Target-Forces developed under SHAEF G-2 for the exploitation of enemy
material and documents

Toledo: Indicator for messages dealing with chemical and biological warfare

Top: Zurich, Switzerland

Uncolored: Signifies Denmark in Kappa messages

Vessel :Indicator for a series of reports from a source (now regarded as probably
spurious) in the Vatican

Werewolves: Nazi organization trained to wage guerilla warfare after the defeat of
German military forces

Wood, George Fritz Kolbe
Wood Traffic Material received from George Wood and messages generated by it

X-2: Counter Intelligence Division, OSS
Zigzag : U.S. source, former member of Abwehr IIIF in Berlin, identified former
Nazis for the U.S.

Zulu: The British

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