Saturday, January 23, 2016

LATEST NEWS : No violence in Bengal,Delhi,Punjab,Tamilnad or elsewhere. No worsening of foreign relations , though 24 HOURS have passed since Netaji Docs were declassified( though in part) by Union Government and though four months have passed since WB state government declassifed 64 records in its possession..Remember the past statements of Cong spokesmen and MHA spokemen of UPAs in their regime. The ex-regime that have had been fooling the NATION that if declassified, that would spar the relation with foreign countries, that would led to deterioration of law and order in certain sensitive states, is answerable to the country by maligning nation and its truth about independence and India's other key architect of freedom. Jai Hind. On Behalf of Website Quest4Truth-on-Netaji -

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